Lucie Střelková, Dis.

lector of English language for kids

Why English for kids?

Children perceive foreign languages naturally and learn very quickly, because  speech centers develop fast in early childhood and information is stored deep .

O mě

My name is Lucie Střelková and I am an English language teacher. I lead English classes for children from 3 years. I have been teaching for the eight years in cooperation with Primary Schools, Kindergartens and Maternity centres  in Tábor, Mladá Vožice, Miličín and its surroundings. Last year I taught over 100 children and the number of pupils is increasing every year.

Vzdělávání hrou

We learn English naturally, through songs, games and physical activities. The aim is to develop a positive attitude towards a foreign language and not be afraid to speak English out loud. Children like to sing English songs and easily remember important phrases and grammar.


School-age children often have difficulty speaking aloud English, as school teaching is mainly focused on writing, reading and grammar. Oral speech is the most important. Therefore, we use all materials in the courses primarily as a basis for conversationi.

Teaching in small groups allows an individual approach...

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