About english for children

About me

My name is Lucie Střelková and I am an English language teacher. I had a study stay in London and  in Canada. I also have a FCE certificate and I am constantly learning in the language area and in the field of pedagogy. More  ZDE

Except of individual teaching of children and adults, I lead English groups for children from 3 years of age. I have been teaching for the third year in cooperation with Primary Schools, Kindergartens and Maternity centres in Tábor, Mladá Vožice and its surroundings. Last year I taught over 100 children and the number of pupils is increasing every year. I meet with enthusiastic responses from the parents of the pupils and this motivates me to continue working with the children. Progress is visible after only a few months,  children are having fun with activities and they are starting to want to speak English.

We are learnig naturally without bifling.

Education through play

We learn English naturally, through songs, games and physical activities. The aim is to develop a positive attitude towards a foreign language and not be afraid to speak English out loud. Children like to sing English songs and easily remember important phrases and grammar.

English entertains and motivates children in the form of games, songs and fun activities


School-age children often have difficulty speaking English aloud, as school teaching focuses mainly on writing, reading and grammar. Oral speech is the most important. Therefore, we use all materials in the courses primarily as a basis for conversation. In the courses we also have enough space for games and physical activities, so children can easily fix a foreign language with the help of movement memory. Great emphasis is placed on the illustrative form of teaching using various aids.